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Yes Please!  What happened Kona?  You use to be so rad…

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Oakley X Rouleur

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Carbon Frames go and come around. Steel Frames are forever. 


We present our first long travel Totxo 29er, with tapered 130mm Revelation fork, KS dropper seatpost, and ready for 2.35 tires.
Words from rider: " Had my first testride just now, and eventhough its a long travel hardtail with 130mm fork, it feels just as nimble and fast as my old rigid Voodoo Dambala. I did not expect that! Muy bueno!”

Presentamos nuestra primera Totxo de 29 endurera. Montada con una Revelation de 130mm, tija telescópica y preparada para neumáticos de 2.35.
Primeras palabras de su nuevo dueño: "Acabo de finalizar mi primer test con la bici, y aunque sea una bici rígida con horquilla de 130mm, es tan ágil y rápida como mi antigua Voodoo Dambala, y no lo esperaba! Muy Bueno!"

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The ‘Randonneur Chair’ was on display at… - Reynolds Technology


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Sideburn Blueprints


Sideburn Blueprints

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